There is increased interest in the off site construction business in the Western US.

This is a result of not only the oil boom in North Dakota but the realization by developers that they need to explore a different way to deliver their products.

Some recent events include:

A new factory  called Greenstar Building is opening in Idaho.

Further exploration of the use of modular for infill micro suites apartment products in Seattle and Oakland Ca.

Presentations to affordable housing providers in which there were SRO crowds.

Non-profits pursuing modular as an alternative construction method in more than theory, but with their checkbooks.

Architects embracing the concept as another way to satisfy their client’s requirements.

In addition to the above, which MCG has been involved in, we have expanded our services to Canada. In conjunction with another provider of modular services MCG is assisting in analyzing the use of modular for a multi-family project in Calgary. The Canadian market has been years ahead of the US market in embracing off site construction as an alternative to traditional methods.

The development of a grass roots organization called the Western Off Site Construction Association.  This group is dedicated to the promotion of offsite building in the Western US.  Currently WOSCA is setting up a directory of people that the developing public can access for information and services. Please see

The face of offsite building is changing each month. We can all agree that we simply can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

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