Pivotal Year for Modular 2013

The development and Construction industry is coming to the realization that they simply cannot keep providing products the way they have in the past expect the result to be any different than they were previously.

There are many projects on going that continue to fuel to shift in attitude towards a pre-fabricated solution.

·         The 32 story apartment building in New York

·         The 100 unit apartment building in Los Angeles

·         Several multi-family projects and hotels in the Bakken oil fields.

·         In Seattle a 49 unit will break ground in Q2 followed closely by another 4 story project in Seattle.

·         In the San Francisco an infill multi-family project was completed in 2012 with another 4 story planned for Oakland.

·         75 units and 26 units of affordable housing in Seattle.

These are just a few of the projects that are on the books and designed and seeking permits and or financing at this time.

I have had the opportunity to work on several modular multi-family projects over the last year.  One of the gratifying aspects of the job was to see the shift in perception away from the “ how much” to the       “ how am I benefited” frame of mind.  Developers embraced the lessened construction time frames, fewer weather delays/issues and early rent ups as actual monetary benefits.

 Congratulations are also in order to the AIA community, who has come to realize that

 their scope is not eliminated but that they are, in fact, an integral part of the process.

Not every project can be pre-fabricated but analyzing this possibility and alternative at the start and then either progressing or rejecting it, may save significant money in the Pre-development phase of study.

There is more to be accomplished but this has been a big step for the industry in providing an alternative to the traditional way of building.

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