Modular Consulting Group just finished a summary on a recent RFP. The findings of the RFP were interesting but not surprising. The purpose of the exercise was to compare factory building side by side with site building. MCG was engaged to produce the factory side and another consultant was engaged to obtain site built quotes from 3 GCs. Over the next month this exercise took place and the findings were presented to the developer.  I will take a moment to commend this developer for his foresight. His decision to go this route was based upon providing the best execution in both time and budget for his partnership.  It was worth the investment to find out which method of product delivery made the most sense to his partnership. The results showed that factory building was less money on a per foot basis and significantly faster in construction time.  From the Notice to Proceed until C of O it was scheduled at 140 days. This project will be constructed in Seattle, which is one of the last markets in the country to jump into factory building.

Good evening Randy,

I would love to receive a copy of this report. would it be possible ?
Thank you in advance


I would like a copy of the comparison report as well. I work with a number of nonprofit's in Oregon to finance affordable housing and I have been trying to promote modular/panelized construction on urban/multi-story (4 floors or less) housing. Thank you.


Your research is very well. You have covered almost all the bases in the post. I am looking forward for more on this subject.


Portable modular buildings is future of new era social buldings. Very interesting project.


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