Typically developers have used modular as a form of providing single and multi-family residential products.  There is so much more to the off site construction industry.

One of the fastest growing segments of modular construction is in hotel development. Perhaps there is no more critical need for modular than in the hotel business. In this case speed is everything.  Having the units fabricated, delivered set and finished as quickly as possible so that revenue can be generated is the optimal goal of modular hotel development.

It is true that in multi-family much the same can be said, however in hotels, the cost factor, while important, is secondary to speed.  In areas of the country where housing is at a premium ( North Dakota) having a hotel up and operating, quickly, is what drives the developer to use modular building.

What about college dormitories? Again the speed issue is critical.  The use of modular technology to begin fabrication off site while the site work is being prepped for the delivery of the product, allows great flexibility to a college housing administrator.

There is minimal disturbance of the campus during classes, since site work is all that takes place. The project can be completed over the summer months when most dorms are closed. The speed allows the college to generate revenue faster for the next year’s classes, and the costs of building are typically the same as site built.

Medical buildings, offices and schools are other applications of the modular alternative form of construction.

The use of modular begins with the development team acknowledging they need to think of a different form of product delivery and be willing to accept the changes to scope each member has.  Once this decision is made, the benefits will become apparent.  Without that “buy in” from ALL members of the team, the shift from traditional methods to new technology can’t take place.

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